Scientific highlights
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Absence of Epstein-Barr virus seronegativity in a large cohort of patients with early multiple sclerosis
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Vitamin D, smoking, EBV and long-term cognitive performance among CIS patients: 11-year follow-up of BENEFIT
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Primary analysis of a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 study of the Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor evobrutinib (M2951) in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis
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A double-blind placebo-controlled study of satralizumab (SA237), a recycling anti-IL-6 receptor monoclonal antibody, as add-on therapy for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD)
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Automated assessment of new and enlarged white matter and cortical lesions in early multiple sclerosis
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Which subgroups of progressive MS should be treated?
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Update on neuroprotection trials in progressive MS
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Neurofilament light levels in the blood of patients with secondary progressive MS are higher than in primary progressive MS and may predict brain atrophy in both MS subtypes
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A molecular characterization of meningeal inflammatory infiltrates in the progressive multiple sclerosis brain
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MRI evidence for disease heterogeneity
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Diffusion basis spectrum imaging for identifying subtypes of multiple sclerosis
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Peripapillary hyperreflective ovoid mass-like structures in multiple sclerosis are associated with disease progression
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Evaluation of treatment response in adults with relapsing MOG-Ab- associated disease
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From MS genetics to pathogenetic concepts
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MultiOMics in MS
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DNA methylation signatures of monozygotic twins clinically discordant for multiple sclerosis
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Multiple sclerosis associated SNPs influencing B cell expression of co-stimulatory receptors and T cell proliferation and cytokine secretion profile
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Single-cell RNA-sequencing identifies putative multiple sclerosis-associated microglial subtypes
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Bile acid metabolism is altered in MS and supplementation leads to amelioration of neuroinflammation
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Genetic mimicks with acute presentation
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Structural connectivity
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Functional connectivity
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Making it Real
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How to define treatment failure?
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Strategies for switching therapy: how good is the evidence?
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Value of serum neurofilament light chain levels as a biomarker of suboptimal treatment response in MS clinical practice
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Treatment escalation leads to fewer relapses compared with switching to another moderately effective therapy
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Alemtuzumab after natalizumab SWitch in evolving rapidly severe multiple sclerosis (ANSWERS MS): long-term UK & Ireland experience
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Shift from fingolimod to alemtuzumab: what happens next?
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Cranio-caudal patterns of cervical cord atrophy progression in MS according to disease phenotype and clinical worsening: a multicenter study
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Remyelination fails in the periventricular white matter in MS
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Robot-assisted training in MS
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Telehealth applications for supporting exercise behavior in MS
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A comparison of human and digital speech analysis to describe and monitor cerebellar dysfunction and disease severity in multiple sclerosis
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Association of a technology-enabled 9-Hole Peg Test with patient reported outcomes and Imaging metrics in a large multiple sclerosis clinic population
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Can motor fatigue be measured? - On the relation of fatigue trait, perceived exertion, and gait analysis measures after 6minute walking
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Novel multi-sensor algorithm captures subtle progression over one year in multiple sclerosis
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NMOSD and AQP4-Ab positive disease classification and update on epidemiology and phenotypic features
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MOG antibody disease update and differentiation from MS and AQP4-Ab positive disease
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Treatment of NMOSD using case studies
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Mesenchymal stem cells in MS: possible mechanisms of action and future directions
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The rationale and the existing clinical data using haematopoietic stem cells in MS
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Treatment sequencing in MS: how do you choose the right DMD for your patient?
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Siponimod effect on cortical and deep grey matter in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
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Natalizumab reduced serum levels of neurofilament light chain in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patients from the phase 3 ASCEND study
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Microglial-dependent neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis is fueled by pHERV-W envelope protein
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How does anti-IL-6 receptor monoclonal antibody tocilizumab treatment ameliorate neuromyelitis optica?
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Cognitive rehabilitation for attention and memory in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial
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Extended interval dosing of natalizumab shows comparable efficacy to standard interval dosing starting from the second year of treatment
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Pregnancy outcomes from the global pharmacovigilance database on interferon beta-1b exposure
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Single-cell analysis of intrathecal B cells in multiple sclerosis
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The absorption and activity of a novel form of biotin, JDS-MB-001, in a hippocampal demyelination animal model
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Investigating brain plasticity underlying the early stages of functional recovery in MS
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GlucoCEST MRI of blood brain barrier disruption in multiple sclerosis – first human experiments and initial results
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Prediction of conversion to multiple sclerosis using the 2017 McDonald and 2016 MAGNIMS criteria in patients with clinically isolated syndrome
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Disease activity during pregnancy in patients with AQP4-Ab positive, MOG-Ab positive or double negative NMOSD
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Tumefactive multiple sclerosis: clinical, radiological and cognitive features
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Long-term cognitive consequences of paediatric-onset multiple sclerosis
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Care-seeking of patients with multiple sclerosis over 2010-2015 in France: a nationwide study using health administrative data
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Effect of dietary patterns on disease activity in early multiple sclerosis
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The epidemiology of pediatric multiple sclerosis in Tehran
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Benchmarks of manual dexterity and walking speed in a large, representative patient population
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The arm function in multiple sclerosis questionnaire (AMSQ), a cross cultural validation
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Executive functions but processing speed impacts on gait phases
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Real-world outcome in multiple sclerosis estimated from two cost of illness studies and MS clinic data in the Czech Republic
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Disposable income trajectories of working-aged people with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis: a Swedish register-based cohort study
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High fidelity fixational eye movements as a novel potential biomarker for disability in multiple sclerosis
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Increased risk of infections in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS): a study in the UK Clinical Practice Research Database (CPRD)
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Multiple sclerosis patients are more frequently readmitted for depression or suicide attempt compared to people with asthma or rheumatoid arthritis
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In vivo modeling of the nascent multiple sclerosis lesion: Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin induces blood brain barrier permeability via caveolae-dependent transcytosis and requires the myelin and lymphocyte protein
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Characterization of the multiple sclerosis associated locus on chromosome 17 in the Continental Italian population
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Mechanisms of dysfunction of regulatory B cell activity in multiple sclerosis
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Immunophenotyping of brain associated immune compartments
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Understanding memory impairment in multiple sclerosis - contributions of macro and micro-structural alterations in the thalamus and hippocampus
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Insights into remyelination failure in progressive multiple sclerosis - microRNA miR-145-5p negatively regulates myelination
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Serum neurofilament light chain correlates with cortical lesion load at 3T and 7T in early RRMS patients
ECTRIMS Online Library, Po-Jui Lu, 228956
Creating accurate reference segmentations of deep GM structures in MS patients by fast semi-automated outlining
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alexandra de Sitter, 228957
Choroid plexus change in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
ECTRIMS Online Library, Hyunjin Kim, 228972
Fronto-parietal functional reorganization underlies position sense impairment at the lower limbs in early multiple sclerosis
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Instrumental, clinical, and patient reported sensorimotor correlates of spinal cord grey and total cord areas
ECTRIMS Online Library, Amber M. Alexander, 228988
Retinal nerve fiber layer trajectories in young and aging multiple sclerosis patients: 5-year longitudinal study
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Employment status in individuals with multiple sclerosis: Which predictors are important in different disease subtypes?
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of the brief cognitive assessment for multiple sclerosis (BICAMS)
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Antibody signatures in patients with histopathologically defined multiple sclerosis patterns
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Predictive value of isolated CSF NfL and Chi3l1 measures in clinical practice
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Incidence of confirmed macular oedema in the phase 3 program of ozanimod in relapsing multiple sclerosis
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Teriflunomide modulates antigen-specific immune responses in an affinity-dependent fashion by inhibiting T cell metabolism
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Switching treatments in progressive MS: how are U.S. neurologists approaching disease-modifying treatment over time?
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Efficacy and safety of alemtuzumab after switching from a second line therapy
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Safety of ocrelizumab in multiple sclerosis: updated analysis in patients with relapsing and primary progressive multiple sclerosis
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Change in outcomes over time of discontinuing disease modifying therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis over age 60
ECTRIMS Online Library, Le Hua, 229070, an e-learning resource for physicians to facilitate early recognition of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in the setting of MS: analysis and interpretation of usage data
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Evaluating the tolerability and safety profile of switching from rituximab to ocrelizumab: infusion related reactions in relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis
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Treatment effects of fampridine on ambulation and upper extremity function in patients with multiple sclerosis from a real-world evidence cohort
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Peginterferon beta-1a reduces the number of black holes evolved from acute MRI lesions in newly diagnosed patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a post hoc analysis ADVANCE
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Action observation training modulates dynamic functional connectivity in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Claudio Cordani, 229117
A double-blind placebo-controlled study of satralizumab (SA237), a recycling anti-IL-6 receptor monoclonal antibody, as monotherapy for patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anthony Traboulsee, 229118

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