The study of prognostic factors. Examples in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Santiago Perez-Hoyos, 273649
The study of treatment effect modifiers. Examples in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Brian Healy, 273650
Adaptive designs
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jeremy Chataway, 273651
Meta analyses and network meta-analyses
ECTRIMS Online Library, Carmen Tur, 273652
Pragmatic trials
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tjeerd van Staa, 273653
Artificial intelligence methodology
ECTRIMS Online Library, Michele Piana, 273654
Overview on the methodology for clinical practice guidelines development: From assessing the right question until the formulation of recommendations
ECTRIMS Online Library, Stephen Pilling, 273655
Experiences adopting and implementing GRADE methodology for treatment guidelines
ECTRIMS Online Library, Susana Otero, 273656
Welcome and Introduction
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Pia Amato, 273641
The hypothesis test: the meaning of p value, sample size and power. How to interpret statistical results of a study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Pia Sormani, 273642
Statistical tests: non-parametric vs parametric approaches, univariate and multivariate methods
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alessio Signori, 273643
Etiological studies: cohort, case-control and nested case-control study design
ECTRIMS Online Library, Helen Tremlett, 273644
Clinical trials: from animal models to phase 3. The standard designs in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Brian Healy, 273645
Propensity scores and methods for adjusting for baseline confounders
ECTRIMS Online Library, Elena Hernández Martínez-Lapiscina, 273646
Statistical methods for causal inference
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kathryn Fitzgerald, 273647
Causality and Risk: specific issues in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alberto Ascherio, 273648
Neurobiology of multiple sclerosis: from basic science to clinical translation
ECTRIMS Online Library, Catherine Lubetzki, 232078
Scientific highlights
ECTRIMS Online Library, Scott Zamvil, 232082
Absence of Epstein-Barr virus seronegativity in a large cohort of patients with early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Klemens Ruprecht, 232073
Vitamin D, smoking, EBV and long-term cognitive performance among CIS patients: 11-year follow-up of BENEFIT
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marianna Cortese, 232074
Primary analysis of a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 study of the Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor evobrutinib (M2951) in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Xavier Montalban, 232075
A double-blind placebo-controlled study of satralizumab (SA237), a recycling anti-IL-6 receptor monoclonal antibody, as add-on therapy for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Takashi Yamamura, 232076
MS-SMART Trial: a multi-arm phase 2b randomised, double blind, parallel group, placebo-controlled clinical trial comparing the efficacy of three neuroprotective drugs in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis [NCT01910259]
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jeremy Chataway, 232077
Automated assessment of new and enlarged white matter and cortical lesions in early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Mário João Fartaria, 229577
Welcome and introduction
ECTRIMS Online Library, Patricia Coyle, 232064
Informing switch decisions: evaluating patient trajectory and defining optimal treatment response
ECTRIMS Online Library, Giancarlo Comi, 232065
Informed switch decisions: clinical trial and real-world evidence
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tjalf Ziemssen, 232066
Closing remarks
ECTRIMS Online Library, Patricia Coyle, 232067
Which subgroups of progressive MS should be treated?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Xavier Montalban, 232037
Update on neuroprotection trials in progressive MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Robert J. Fox, 232038
Neurofilament light levels in the blood of patients with secondary progressive MS are higher than in primary progressive MS and may predict brain atrophy in both MS subtypes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ludwig Kappos, 232039
Slowly evolving lesions and relation to disability in a SPMS cohort
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alberto Calvi, 232040
A molecular characterization of meningeal inflammatory infiltrates in the progressive multiple sclerosis brain
ECTRIMS Online Library, Laura Fuentes Font, 232041
Efficacy, safety and tolerability of IB-MS versus placebo in patients with progressive forms of MS: preliminary results from a phase II, randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind, proof of concept study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ethel Ciampi, 232042
Pathologic evidence for disease heterogeneity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Wolfgang Brück, 232043
MRI evidence for disease heterogeneity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel S. Reich, 232044
Diffusion basis spectrum imaging for identifying subtypes of multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Afsaneh Shirani, 232045
Peripapillary hyperreflective ovoid mass-like structures in multiple sclerosis are associated with disease progression
ECTRIMS Online Library, Axel Petzold, 232046
Clinical features of patients with anti-myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG) antibody-positive optic neuritis with a certain antibody-binding epitope on human MOG extracellular domain
ECTRIMS Online Library, Keiko Tanaka, 232047
Evaluation of treatment response in adults with relapsing MOG-Ab- associated disease
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alvaro Cobo- Calvo, 232048
From MS genetics to pathogenetic concepts
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lars Fugger, 232049
MultiOMics in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Chris Cotsapas, 232050
DNA methylation signatures of monozygotic twins clinically discordant for multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lisa Ann Gerdes, 232051
Multiple sclerosis associated SNPs influencing B cell expression of co-stimulatory receptors and T cell proliferation and cytokine secretion profile
ECTRIMS Online Library, Di He, 232052
Single-cell RNA-sequencing identifies putative multiple sclerosis-associated microglial subtypes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Vilas Menon, 232053
Bile acid metabolism is altered in MS and supplementation leads to amelioration of neuroinflammation
ECTRIMS Online Library, Pavan Bhargava, 232054
Genetic mimicks with acute presentation
ECTRIMS Online Library, O. Boespflug-Tanguy, F. Mochel, 232055
Structural connectivity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Menno Schoonheim, 232059
Functional connectivity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Assunta Rocca, 232060
Clinical significance
ECTRIMS Online Library, Declan Chard, 232061
Making it Real
ECTRIMS Online Library, Montalban, Sormani, Tackenberg, Kitzler, 234259
How to define treatment failure?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jaume Sastre-Garriga, 232013
Strategies for switching therapy: how good is the evidence?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Fred Lublin, 232014
Value of serum neurofilament light chain levels as a biomarker of suboptimal treatment response in MS clinical practice
ECTRIMS Online Library, Özgür Yaldizli, 232015
Treatment escalation leads to fewer relapses compared with switching to another moderately effective therapy
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thor Ameri Chalmer, 232016
Alemtuzumab after natalizumab SWitch in evolving rapidly severe multiple sclerosis (ANSWERS MS): long-term UK & Ireland experience
ECTRIMS Online Library, Paul Gallagher, 232017
Shift from fingolimod to alemtuzumab: what happens next?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jessica Frau, 232018
Recent developments in spinal cord imaging
ECTRIMS Online Library, Olga Ciccarelli, 232019
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Assunta Rocca, 232020
Cranio-caudal patterns of cervical cord atrophy progression in MS according to disease phenotype and clinical worsening: a multicenter study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Assunta Rocca, 232021
7T MP2RAGE MRI for assessment of myelination status in white matter lesions of multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Hadar Kolb, 232022
Remyelination fails in the periventricular white matter in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Emilie Poirion, 232023
In vivo assessment of myelin breakdown pattern in multiple sclerosis: a hybrid PET/MR [18F]florbetaben study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Antonio Carotenuto, 232024
Robot-assisted training in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Peter Feys, 232025
Telehealth applications for supporting exercise behavior in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Robert Motl, 232026
A comparison of human and digital speech analysis to describe and monitor cerebellar dysfunction and disease severity in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Gustavo Noffs, 232027
Association of a technology-enabled 9-Hole Peg Test with patient reported outcomes and Imaging metrics in a large multiple sclerosis clinic population
ECTRIMS Online Library, Laura Baldassari, 232028
Can motor fatigue be measured? - On the relation of fatigue trait, perceived exertion, and gait analysis measures after 6minute walking
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Drebinger, 232029
Novel multi-sensor algorithm captures subtle progression over one year in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kristen M Krysko, 232030
NMOSD and AQP4-Ab positive disease classification and update on epidemiology and phenotypic features
ECTRIMS Online Library, Friedemann Paul, 232031
MOG antibody disease update and differentiation from MS and AQP4-Ab positive disease
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kazuo Fujihara, 232032
Treatment of NMOSD using case studies
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jacqueline Palace, 232033
Overview of the rationale and the options of stem cells therapies in MS and review of the existing clinical experience
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dimitrios Karussis, 232034
Mesenchymal stem cells in MS: possible mechanisms of action and future directions
ECTRIMS Online Library, Antonio Uccelli, 232035
The rationale and the existing clinical data using haematopoietic stem cells in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Paolo A. Muraro, 232036
Treatment sequencing in MS: how do you choose the right DMD for your patient?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Christoph Kleinschnitz, 232008
Peripapillary and parafoveal vascular network assessment by optical coherence tomography angiography in Aquaporin-4 antibody-positive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders
ECTRIMS Online Library, Chao Quan, 228130
Pregnancy and infant outcomes with interferon beta: data from the European Interferon Beta Pregnancy Registry and Population Based Registries in Finland and Sweden
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kerstin Hellwig, 228131
A phase IIb double blind trial to investigate the efficacy and the optimal way of administration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in active and progressive multiple sclerosis (MS)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Panayiota Petrou, 228146
Black race is an independent risk factor for disability in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lilyana Amezcua, 228162
Clinical and therapeutic predictors of relapse and disability outcomes in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
ECTRIMS Online Library, Amy Kunchok, 228822
Hair and eye colour, skin reactivity, and melanin production gene mutations as risk factors for multiple sclerosis: a case-control study in Sweden
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kelsi Alexandra Smith, 228838
Central neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis is associated with structural and functional damage of pain processing and pain modulation pathways
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ruth Defrin, 228854
Introducing Multiple Screening: a self-explanatory digital screening tool for cognitive deficits in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lieke van Dongen, 228872
Pain syndromes in NMOSD - results of a nationwide multicenter study in Germany using the Neuromyelitis Optica Study Group registry
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ilya Ayzenberg, 228888
Establishing a human neuronal stem cell derived culture model to study neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marlen Alisch, 228904
Sema4A expressed on hematopoietic cells determines interferon-beta response in Th17 autoimmunity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Makoto Kinoshita, 228920
Affection of thalamic subnuclei in NMOSD: evidence of anterograde transsynaptic degeneration in the visual pathway
ECTRIMS Online Library, Athina Papadopoulou, 228936
Quantification of white matter tract integrity in primary-progressive multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Monica Margoni, 228952
Microstructural complexity of MS lesions revealed by orientation dispersion and multi-parametric MRI
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marco Bozzali, 228968
Optic neuritis induces longtime structural changes within the visual pathway compatible with anterograde trans-synaptic degeneration
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marc Pawlitzki, 228984
Taking the tester out of the SDMT: A proof of concept fully automated approach to assessing processing speed in people with MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anthony Feinstein, 229000
Intrathecal immunoglobulin M production is associated with future disease activity in early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Klemens Ruprecht, 229016
Impact of immunodepleting treatment with alemtuzumab on the peripheral Treg compartment in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jürgen Haas, 229032
Oral drugs versus interferon-beta or glatiramer acetate as first-line disease modifying therapy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Pascal Benkert, 229048
Effect of fumarates on human iPSCs derived neural progenitor cells and human primary neurons
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maryam Nakhaei-Nejad, 229065
Assessing the long-term impact of disease modifying therapies: preliminary results from the Comparing Australia and New Zealand MS Populations (COMPANZ) Study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Suzi Claflin, 229081
Reduction of infusion related reactions during ocrelizumab infusions in a comprehensive multiple sclerosis Care Center
ECTRIMS Online Library, Keith Edwards, 229097
Intensive exercising over four weeks improved subjective and objective sleep, depression and fatigue among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dena Sadeghi Bahmani, 229113
Core muscles' contraction and rest size and relationship with postural sway in fully ambulatory multiple sclerosis patients: an ultrasound imaging study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Yeliz Salcı, 229129

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