Multiple sclerosis in Germany 2018 - update on baseline data from the German MS Registry
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Determinants of disability accumulation in secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis
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Familial multiple sclerosis: comparing demographic and clinical characteristics with sporadic form
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Comparative effectiveness of switching to natalizumab or fingolimod after relapse on first-line relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis therapy: propensity score matching analysis from the MSBase registry
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Emerging biomarkers in paediatric MS
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Treatment of paediatric MS in the era of increasingly powerful therapy
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Predictors of epilepsy and subsequent relapse in children with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
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White matter development after pediatric onset multiple sclerosis and monophasic demyelinating disease: volume, magnetisation transfer ratio, and signal mass MRI changes
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Usefulness of IgG oligoclonal bands, antibodies to MOG (MOG-IgG), and the application of the 2017 McDonald criteria in the evaluation of children with a first demyelinating episode: a prospective multicenter study
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Functional relevance of MRI in early MS, correlation with cognitive performance and related outcomes
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Unraveling the cause of neuronal mitochondrial dysfunction in MS
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Uncovering the pathogenesis of synapse loss in cortical MS and its models
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Understanding the early clinical and pathological consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction in progressive MS
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Welcome to ECTRIMS 2018
ECTRIMS Online Library, Reinhard Hohlfeld, 231785
Welcome to ECTRIMS 2018
ECTRIMS Online Library, David Miller, 231786
Multiple sclerosis in the digital age: 'seeing through a glass darkly'
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alastair Compston, 231787
Serum Neurofilament Light
ECTRIMS Online Library, Charlotte Teunissen, Robert Fox, 234258
Regulator's perspective
ECTRIMS Online Library, René Anour, 231769
Generic, biosimilar and complex non-biologic follow-on drugs: the clinician's perspective
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The European biosimilar experience: lessons learned from a maturing market
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PET based molecular imaging
ECTRIMS Online Library, Benedetta Bodini, 231774
B and T cells in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thomas Korn, 231776
Case 1
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alasdair J. Coles, 231778
Case 2
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jaume Sastre-Garriga, 231779
Case 1
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bruce A. Cree, 231780
ECTRIMS Online Library, Andrew Chan, 231784
Mitigating Risk with Natalizumab
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Demyelination, inflammation and axonal loss explain different patterns of fractional anisotropy abnormalities in MS cortical normal appering gray matter and lesions
ECTRIMS Online Library, Preziosa Paolo, 231764
Multicentre MAGNIMS study group trial investigating the correlation between cortical and periventricular pathology in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lukas Pirpamer, 231765
MRI brain T1 gray matter/white matter contrast in multiple sclerosis versus migraine using magnetization prepared rapid gradient echo (MPRAGE) sequences
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tina Mitrovic, 231766
T1-weighted signal intensity change in the dentate nucleus of MS patients after repeated application of linear and macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agents
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sophia Grahl, 231767
Brain age estimation in a longitudinal cohort of patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Einar August Høgestøl, 231768
Towards standardisation of clinical documentation in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marcus D'Souza, 231761
Automated MR image analysis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Douglas L. Arnold, 231762
Using mobile devices for patient reported outcomes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tjalf Ziemssen, 231763
Myelocortical multiple sclerosis: cortical neuronal loss in the absence of cerebral white matter demyelination
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bruce Trapp, 231743
Meningeal inflammation as a driver of cortical pathology
ECTRIMS Online Library, Roberta Magliozzi, 231744
Symptomatic treatment of MS and pregnancy / lactation management
ECTRIMS Online Library, Melinda Magyari, 231746
The natural history of MS during pregnancy and the postpartum period in contemporary MS cohort
ECTRIMS Online Library, Annette Langer-Gould, 231747
MS medication in people with MS planning a pregnancy: an update
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kerstin Hellwig, 231748
ECTRIMS/EAN MS treatment guidelines
ECTRIMS Online Library, Xavier Montalban, 231749
AAN treatment guidelines
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Pelletier, 231750
What else is needed in real life and is not covered by the guidelines?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tomas Kalincik, 231751
The long road to clinical application: where do we stand with neurofilament light chain in MS?
ECTRIMS Online Library, David Leppert, 231752
The long road to clinical implementation
ECTRIMS Online Library, Charlotte Teunissen, 231753
Clinical application today and tomorrow
ECTRIMS Online Library, Fredrik Piehl, 231754
B cells and T cells in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Edgar Meinl, 231755
Myeloid cells in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, V. Wee W. Yong, 231756
Systems Immunology to model, predict and monitor multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Cinthia Farina, 231757
The impact of comorbidity on multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ruth Ann Marrie, 231758
Bidirectional relationships between comorbidity and disease-modifying therapy
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Management of psychiatric comorbidity in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anthony Feinstein, 231760
Early treatment in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marta Radaelli, 228188
Do concomitant autoimmune diseases affect neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) course?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Negar Molazadeh, 228189
Risk of mortality in immigrants with MS in Ontario, Canada
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dalia Rotstein, 228204
Fatigue and motor disability in African Americans with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Petracca, 228220
Cerebellar grey matter damage associates with cognitive impairment, but not with fatigue and emotional changes in early relapse onset multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Andrea Lazzarotto, 228236
Multiple sclerosis is associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ruth Ann Marrie, 228252
Automatic segmentation of white matter and detection of active lesions in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, H. M. Rehan Afzal, 228268
Preferential usage of the G1m1 allotype in intrathecal virus-specific antibodies in multiple sclerosis
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Effect of delayed-release dimethyl fumarate on cognition in Italian patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: the phase 4 StarTec study
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Four-week in-patient multidisciplinary rehabilitation program in multiple sclerosis: behavioural and fMRI results
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Investigating the relationship between meningeal enhancement on 7T MRI and cortical gray matter lesions in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Harrison, 228333
Can MR spectroscopy predict multiple sclerosis and its clinical symptoms?
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Premorbid physical activity, cognitive reserve and trait personality modulate rehabilitation effect in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Luca Prosperini, 228365
Ganglion cell layer volume and serum neurofilaments are associated with disability in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Gintaras Mickeliunas, 228381
No correlation between lymphocyte repopulation kinetics and MS disease activity following alemtuzumab treatment in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Heinz Wiendl, 228397
Hypothesis: chronic progression of MS results from activity of LLPCs even after aggressive B-cell depletion therapy
ECTRIMS Online Library, Carlos Mora, 228413
Real-world effectiveness of MD1003 (high dose pharmaceutical grade biotin) in patients with progressive MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tourbah Ayman, 228429
Effect of age on clinical outcomes in patients treated with fingolimod: pooled analysis of real-world phase iv studies
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tanuja Chitnis, 228445
A real-world comparison of infection rate and lymphocyte counts among relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients 50 years or older treated with subcutaneous interferon beta-1a or dimethyl fumarate
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sarah Cardoso, 228461
Characteristics of MS patients treated with fampridine in a real-world setting based on the NeuroTransData network in Germany
ECTRIMS Online Library, Stefan Braune, 228477
Fecal microbial transplantation in multiple sclerosis: trial design
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ana Wing, 228493
Recurrent myelitis with CLIPPERS imaging: a case report
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kamilla D'Aveiro Fernandez, 229140
Clinical and demographic characteristics of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in Kazakhstan
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sairan Kozhakanova, 229156
Unmet needs of patients transitioning to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: qualitative findings for a resource development
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alessandra Solari, 229174
High prevalence area of ​​multiple sclerosis in the far west of Algeria
ECTRIMS Online Library, Barka Zahira, 229190
Cesarean section in women with MS: a choice or a need?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Laura De Giglio, 229206
Factors related to restless leg syndrome in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Asiye Tuba Ozdogar, 229223
Validity and potential added value of multi-domain computerized cognitive assessment for patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Golan, 229239
Value of the MoCA test to detect cognitive impairment in MS patients without subjective cognitive complaints
ECTRIMS Online Library, Isabelle Rouleau, 229255
Impact of socioeconomic level on the employment status of people with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Natalia Ciufia, 229271
Multiple sclerosis related headaches. Prevalence and classification
ECTRIMS Online Library, Hatem Shehata, 229287
Long noncoding RNA-Ccr2-5As and THRIL as novel prognostic epigenetic biomarkers in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Amr Hassan, 229305
Vitamin D levels and epidemiology of multiple sclerosis in Spain: Madrid vs Lanzarote
ECTRIMS Online Library, Silvia Perez Perez, 229321
Investigation of astrocytic functions and involvement in remyelination in an animal model of multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sonja Hochmeister, 229337
Structural MRI correlates of PASAT performance in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Vanesa Pytel, 229353
Expanding access to cognitive screening for individuals with multiple sclerosis: preliminary examination of two free web-based processing speed tests compared to the Symbol Digit Modalities Test
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jagriti Bhattarai, 229369
Correlation of fatigue with cognitive and emotional variables in a Portuguese group of multiple sclerosis patients
ECTRIMS Online Library, Telma Miranda, 229385
Comparable sNFL levels in a NEDA-3 cohort of RRMS patients irrespective of different immunomodulatory therapies
ECTRIMS Online Library, Johannes Piepgras, 229401
The link between epigenetic regulators, neurotrophins and treatment efficacy in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Fatih Söke, 229418
Efficacy of teriflunomide in a progressive multiple sclerosis cohort in the CLIMB study
ECTRIMS Online Library, James Stankiewicz, 229434
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of PEGylated interferon beta-1a in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in the randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Arina Zinkina-Orikhan, 229450
The BELTRIMS registry: real-world safety and efficacy of DMTs in Belgium
ECTRIMS Online Library, Barbara Willekens, 229466
Spanish registry of multiple sclerosis patients on glatiramer acetate 40 mg/ml treatment: real-world results and initial results of first year follow-up
ECTRIMS Online Library, Fernandez Fernandez Oscar, 229482
Effectiveness of reduced fingolimod dosage in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis - a Portuguese cohort
ECTRIMS Online Library, Joana Ramos Lopes, 229498
Evaluation of dimethylfumarate in treatment of focal DTH and MOG EAE using TSPO-PET imaging
ECTRIMS Online Library, Susanne K Vainio, 229514
Evaluation of the cognitive benefits of intrathecal baclofen pump implantation in subjects with intractable MS related spasticity
ECTRIMS Online Library, Rachel Farrell, 229530
Online medical education improves knowledge of immune mechanisms in the treatment of MS among neurologists
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thomas Finnegan, 229547
Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients treated with ocrelizumab in the United States
ECTRIMS Online Library, Natalie J Engmann, 229563

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