Traps and pitfalls (methodological issues)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Pia Sormani, 231797
Multiple sclerosis in Germany 2018 - update on baseline data from the German MS Registry
ECTRIMS Online Library, Peter Flachenecker, 231798
Determinants of disability accumulation in secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Nathaniel Lizak, 231799
Familial multiple sclerosis: comparing demographic and clinical characteristics with sporadic form
ECTRIMS Online Library, SARA Eichau, 231800
Comparative effectiveness of switching to natalizumab or fingolimod after relapse on first-line relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis therapy: propensity score matching analysis from the MSBase registry
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tim Spelman, 231801
Emerging biomarkers in paediatric MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Amit Bar-Or, 231802
Treatment of paediatric MS in the era of increasingly powerful therapy
ECTRIMS Online Library, Brenda Banwell, 231803
Predictors of epilepsy and subsequent relapse in children with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thomas Rossor, 231804
Functional MRI studies in MS: update on brain plasticity and repair
ECTRIMS Online Library, Christian Enzinger, 231812
Functional relevance of MRI in early MS, correlation with cognitive performance and related outcomes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bruno Brochet, 231813
Unraveling the cause of neuronal mitochondrial dysfunction in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Don Mahad, 231814
Uncovering the pathogenesis of synapse loss in cortical MS and its models
ECTRIMS Online Library, Martin Kerschensteiner, 231815
Understanding the early clinical and pathological consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction in progressive MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Don Joseph Mahad, 231816
Welcome to ECTRIMS 2018
ECTRIMS Online Library, Reinhard Hohlfeld, 231785
Welcome to ECTRIMS 2018
ECTRIMS Online Library, David Miller, 231786
Multiple sclerosis in the digital age: 'seeing through a glass darkly'
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alastair Compston, 231787
Serum Neurofilament Light
ECTRIMS Online Library, Charlotte Teunissen, Robert Fox, 234258
Regulator's perspective
ECTRIMS Online Library, René Anour, 231769
Generic, biosimilar and complex non-biologic follow-on drugs: the clinician's perspective
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jeffrey Cohen, 231770
The European biosimilar experience: lessons learned from a maturing market
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ulrike Banning, 231771
PET based molecular imaging
ECTRIMS Online Library, Benedetta Bodini, 231774
B and T cells in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thomas Korn, 231776
Case 1
ECTRIMS Online Library, Alasdair J. Coles, 231778
Case 2
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jaume Sastre-Garriga, 231779
Case 1
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bruce A. Cree, 231780
ECTRIMS Online Library, Andrew Chan, 231784
Mitigating Risk with Natalizumab
ECTRIMS Online Library, John Foley, Susan Goelz, 234257
Demyelination, inflammation and axonal loss explain different patterns of fractional anisotropy abnormalities in MS cortical normal appering gray matter and lesions
ECTRIMS Online Library, Preziosa Paolo, 231764
Multicentre MAGNIMS study group trial investigating the correlation between cortical and periventricular pathology in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lukas Pirpamer, 231765
MRI brain T1 gray matter/white matter contrast in multiple sclerosis versus migraine using magnetization prepared rapid gradient echo (MPRAGE) sequences
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tina Mitrovic, 231766
T1-weighted signal intensity change in the dentate nucleus of MS patients after repeated application of linear and macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agents
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sophia Grahl, 231767
Brain age estimation in a longitudinal cohort of patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Einar August Høgestøl, 231768
Towards standardisation of clinical documentation in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Marcus D'Souza, 231761
Automated MR image analysis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Douglas Arnold, 231762
Using mobile devices for patient reported outcomes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tjalf Ziemssen, 231763
Myelocortical multiple sclerosis: cortical neuronal loss in the absence of cerebral white matter demyelination
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bruce Trapp, 231743
Meningeal inflammation as a driver of cortical pathology
ECTRIMS Online Library, Roberta Magliozzi, 231744
Symptomatic treatment of MS and pregnancy / lactation management
ECTRIMS Online Library, Melinda Magyari, 231746
The natural history of MS during pregnancy and the postpartum period in contemporary MS cohort
ECTRIMS Online Library, Annette Langer-Gould, 231747
MS medication in people with MS planning a pregnancy: an update
ECTRIMS Online Library, Kerstin Hellwig, 231748
ECTRIMS/EAN MS treatment guidelines
ECTRIMS Online Library, Xavier Montalban, 231749
AAN treatment guidelines
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Pelletier, 231750
What else is needed in real life and is not covered by the guidelines?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tomas Kalincik, 231751
The long road to clinical application: where do we stand with neurofilament light chain in MS?
ECTRIMS Online Library, David Leppert, 231752
The long road to clinical implementation
ECTRIMS Online Library, Charlotte Teunissen, 231753
Clinical application today and tomorrow
ECTRIMS Online Library, Fredrik Piehl, 231754
B cells and T cells in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Edgar Meinl, 231755
Myeloid cells in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, V. Wee W. Yong, 231756
Systems Immunology to model, predict and monitor multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Cinthia Farina, 231757
The impact of comorbidity on multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ruth Ann Marrie, 231758
Bidirectional relationships between comorbidity and disease-modifying therapy
ECTRIMS Online Library, Helen Tremlett, 231759
Management of psychiatric comorbidity in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anthony Feinstein, 231760
Subclinical visual loss may be associated with MOG- IgG associated longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lekha Pandit, 228187
Differential multiple sclerosis treatment allocation between Australia & New Zealand impacts on clinical course but not quality of life
ECTRIMS Online Library, Steve Simpson, Jr., 228203
Social support reduces the impact of chronic pain in individuals with physical disability: a longitudinal study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Mark Jensen, 228219
Spinal cord atrophy but not brain atrophy measures, correlates with the Multiple Sclerosis Severity Score
ECTRIMS Online Library, Bonaventura Casanova Estruch, 228235
Comparative effect of tobacco versus non-tobacco use on disease outcomes and discontinuation of oral disease modifying therapies in clinical practice
ECTRIMS Online Library, Carrie Hersh, 228251
Modeling neuroinflammation in human neural stem cell niches with induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cerebral organoid reveals altered migration and neurogenetic programs: implications for neurogenesis in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ethan Hollingsworth, 228267
Chitinase-3-like protein 1 could be a predictor of disability progression in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Francesc Pérez-Miralles, 228284
Retinal ganglion cell layer and cervical spinal cord gray matter atrophy are present and underlie pathway specific disability in very early stage multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Regina Schlaeger, 228300
Gadolinium-induced changes in T1 relaxation time on 7-Tesla MRI in non-enhancing MS lesions may reveal chronic inflammation linked with disability and progressive phenotypes
ECTRIMS Online Library, Daniel Harrison, 228316
The contribution of microglial activation to cortical demyelination in multiple sclerosis: a multimodal 11C-PBR28 MR-PET and quantitative 7 Tesla imaging study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Elena Herranz, 228332
Characterizing grey-matter multiple sclerosis lesions using double inversion recovery, diffusion and contrast-enhanced MRI
ECTRIMS Online Library, M. Andrea Parra, 228348
A 5-year follow-up study of the correlation between quality of life and the symbol digit modalities test
ECTRIMS Online Library, Luis QUEROL GUTIERREZ, 228364
CSF neurofilament light concentration reflects cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lorenzo Gaetani, 228380
ADA genetic variants influence central inflammation and clinical characteristics in MS: implications for cladribine treatment
ECTRIMS Online Library, Diego Centonze, 228396
The POINT study: a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, add-on, superiority phase 3 study to compare the efficacy and safety of ponesimod to placebo in subjects with active relapsing multiple sclerosis who are treated with dimethyl fumarate
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ludwig Kappos, 228412
Early treatment with Natalizumab prevents cortical gray matter atrophy: a two-year prospective study in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lior Orbach, 228428
Pregnancy outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases treated with ocrelizumab in clinical trials and post-marketing studies
ECTRIMS Online Library, Sandra VUKUSIC, 228444
A modified premedication protocol significantly reduces ocrelizumab-induced infusion reactions
ECTRIMS Online Library, William Conte, 228460
Effects and mechanisms of cued and non-cued motor imagery in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial
ECTRIMS Online Library, Barbara Seebacher, 228476
Family planning and pregnancy in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ionela Aurelia Ionescu, 228492
Brucellosis presenting as a longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis
ECTRIMS Online Library, bassem yammout, 229138
Experts' opinion on 2nd-line treatments failure criteria for patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jérôme De Sèze, 229139
Familial multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Habtany Youness, 229154
Cognitive and psychiatric problems as the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis in children
ECTRIMS Online Library, Małgorzata Bilska, 229172
Clinico-demographic characterization of a large cohort of neurological patients referred to the neuro-immunology outpatient clinic of Columbia University Medical Center
ECTRIMS Online Library, Claire Riley, 229188
Exclusive breastfeeding does not affect postpartum exacerbations
ECTRIMS Online Library, Maria Shumilina, 229204
Management of multiple sclerosis - related trigeminal neuralgia in Italian centres
ECTRIMS Online Library, Diana Ferraro, 229221
Longitudinal assessment of upper limb function by an engineered glove reveals a deterioration not captured by the EDSS over 7 years in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Caterina Lapucci, 229237
Evolution of dysautonomia in patients with clinically isolated syndrome over two-year follow-up
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ivan Adamec, 229253
Development of the adaptive, bilingual multiple sclerosis Health Resource Survey (MS-HRS)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Rocco Haase, 229269
The relationship between migraine and multiple sclerosis therapies
ECTRIMS Online Library, Yesim Beckmann, 229285
Functional relevance for CXCR5 variants associated with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Elia Gil-Varea, 229303
In vitro verification of in silico predicted antigenic properties of intrathecal B cell receptor repertoires - a pilot study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Rune A. Høglund, 229319
Brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis: how patients understand the role of brain atrophy in the management of their MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Amanda Montague, 229335
Comparison of 24 month changes in brain volume among long term users of fingolimod versus glatiramer acetate in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Justin Honce, 229351
The role of optical coherence tomography as a predictor of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Cláudia Lima, 229367
A systematic literature review: the relation between cognitive functioning and work outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dennis Adrianus Martinus van Gorp, 229383
Searching for early CSF biomarkers of primary progressive multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Damiano Marastoni, 229399
Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Julia Vistbakka, 229416
Peginterferon beta-1a every 2 weeks demonstrated better clinical outcomes than glatiramer acetate once-daily in patients with RRMS: propensity score matching of phase 3 data from ADVANCE and CONFIRM
ECTRIMS Online Library, Thomas F. Scott, 229432
Peginterferon beta-1a safety and efficacy in real-life clinical setting: a prospective, multicenter follow-up study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Rocco Totaro, 229448
Integration of ocrelizumab safety data from the German study CONFIDENCE into the global post-marketing safety studies MANUSCRIPT and VERISMO
ECTRIMS Online Library, Tjalf Ziemssen, 229464
Efficacy of alemtuzumab treatment in active RRMS - a real-life study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ofir Zmira, 229480
Patients' perception about risk and benefit in disease modifying therapies: an Italian multicentric survey
ECTRIMS Online Library, Mariavittoria Turrini, 229496
Deep learning for cell-specific high-throughput quantification of oligodendrocyte ensheathment
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jack P Antel, 229512
Work out training, coordination training and an active control condition improved subjective sleep, fatigue and symptoms of depression and anxiety among female patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dena Sadeghi Bahmani, 229528
Locked-in-syndrome in a patient with tumefactive multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library, Frank Thömke, 229545
Attendance to ECTRIMS: does it impact on therapeutic decisions in multiple sclerosis care?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Gustavo Saposnik, 229561

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