Genetic determinants of the intrathecal humoral immune response in multiple sclerosis
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Microglial-dependent neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis is fueled by pHERV-W envelope protein
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Combined triaxial accelerometeric sensors and ultrasonography-guided botulinum toxin type-A injection can improve outcome in upper extremities tremor in multiple sclerosis
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Black race is an independent risk factor for disability in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
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A multiple sclerosis CD4+ T cell methylation quantitative trait loci (meQTL) reference map: a novel data resource identifies the proximal and distal functional consequences of 19 MS susceptibility loci
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Are recurrent myelitis a prodromic phase of inflammatory diseases or a distinct inflammatory condition?
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Clinical and therapeutic predictors of relapse and disability outcomes in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
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Time to relapse is comparable in pediatric- and adult-onset multiple sclerosis patients after the initiation of disease-modifying therapy
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MRI markers of disease severity in patients with CIS and MS with EDSS ≤3 and their relation to functional performance - a cross-sectional study
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Aggressive transformation of secondary progressive MS
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Reproductive history in a Danish nationwide registry-based study with a century's follow-up
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Hair and eye colour, skin reactivity, and melanin production gene mutations as risk factors for multiple sclerosis: a case-control study in Sweden
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Sex differences in peripheral B cell composition underlie more progressive disease course in male patients
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Central neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis is associated with structural and functional damage of pain processing and pain modulation pathways
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MS race: how does speed affect our patients?
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The relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and age, gender, EDSS, disease duration, and BMI in people with multiple sclerosis who report fatigue: more than size matters
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Multiple sclerosis and the limited association between EDSS and PDDS and the NeuroTrax assessment of cognitive disability
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Validation of fully automated total brain volumetric analysis by AccuBrain as compared to SIENAX for multiple sclerosis
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Introducing Multiple Screening: a self-explanatory digital screening tool for cognitive deficits in MS
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Tissue volume dependent retinal blood perfusion in patients with multiple sclerosis
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Macular ganglion cell layer allows the identification of subclinical optic neuritis
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Quantitative pupillary pathway assessment with automated pupillometry and its correlation with visual evoked potential latency in multiple sclerosis without a history of optic neuritis
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Influence of depression on subjective rating of physical disability in a large clinical cohort
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Dysfunctional complement activation and regulation associate with neuronal injury in progressive multiple sclerosis
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Targeted blood brain barrier opening induces focal microglia/macrophage activation and affects brain stiffness in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
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The development of a new model of progressive multiple sclerosis
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Chronic white matter atrophy after acute cuprizone exposure may be due to transmissible misfolded proteins
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Establishing a human neuronal stem cell derived culture model to study neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration in multiple sclerosis
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Integrin alpha8 is a novel mediator of activated, proinflammatory T lymphocyte migration across the CNS barriers
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Naïve T-cell homeostasis differs between patients with two subtypes of multiple sclerosis
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Molecular mimicry as a potential trigger in post-vaccination MOG-seropositive NMOSD
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FoxA1 in synergy with IFNβ controls PDL1 expression in anti-inflammatory T cells via binding to a 60-nucleotide region in the Pdl1 promoter
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Sema4A expressed on hematopoietic cells determines interferon-beta response in Th17 autoimmunity
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Targeting S100B reduces demyelination-associated pathogenesis in ex vivo and in vivo models mimicking multiple sclerosis
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Adaptive motor learning and its consolidation in multiple sclerosis
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Local GM demyelination and remote microstructural damage in connected WM tracts both contribute to cortical neurodegeneration in MS
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Neuroprotective role of neuronal miR-27a and miR-223 during inflammation
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Affection of thalamic subnuclei in NMOSD: evidence of anterograde transsynaptic degeneration in the visual pathway
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A hybrid [18F]florbetapir-PET/MR imaging study to assess in vivo demyelination in multiple sclerosis.
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Lobular cerebellar atrophy and balance deficit in a cohort of patients with multiple sclerosis
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Comparison of cortical lesion frequency by type as detected by 3T and 7T multi-contrast MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis
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Quantification of white matter tract integrity in primary-progressive multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study
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Pediatric and adult MS: a longitudinal multimodal MRI study to explore the substrates of the different clinical courses
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Inflammatory demyelination in the cortex contributes to individual trajectory of disability worsening in MS
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Repurposing stilbene derivatives as myelin radiotracers for PET imaging: a study comparing 11C-MeDAS, 18F-florbetapir and 18F-florbetaben with the benzothiazole 11C-PiB
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Brain MRI abnormalities in MOG-IgG and AQP4-IgG seropositive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
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Demyelination of the CNS sensory afferent system correlates to wide-spread demyelination of the brain in multiple sclerosis (MS): a TBSS study of brain DTI and median nerve SEP latency
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Microstructural damage to associative cortico-thalamic tracts play a role in the pathophysiology of fatigue in multiple sclerosis
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A quantitative analysis of deep learning methods for multiple sclerosis white matter lesion segmentation
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Comparing the effect of glatiramer acetate 20 mg vs glatiramer acetate 40 mg on retinal structures in patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
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Temporal dynamics of intra-retinal thickness changes in clinically isolated syndrome and early multiple sclerosis
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Loss of functional brain network hierarchy relates to cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis: a magnetoencephalography study
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Cognitive-motor interference in multiple sclerosis and its relation to cognitive and motor impairments
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Serum GFAP associates with neurofilament light and disease severity in late multiple sclerosis
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Neurofilament light chain serum concentration reflects disease severity in patients with MOG-Ab associated disorders
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Strategic platform selection and validation of biomarker assays to measure serum neurofilament light and heavy chain in multiple sclerosis
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Growth-differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) is increased in serum of stable multiple sclerosis patients
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Lifetime cumulative DMT exposure is associated with a slower rate of brain atrophy
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Long-term natalizumab treatment enhances the pathogenic signature of Th17 cells - potential implications for treatment cessation?
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Longitudinal analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in lymphopenic and non-lymphopenic relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) patients treated with dimethyl fumarate
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Impact of ozanimod on early and advanced relapsing multiple sclerosis: annualised relapse rate and MRI endpoints from two randomised, multicentre, double-blind, Phase 3 studies (SUNBEAM and RADIANCE)
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An exploratory analysis of the efficacy of cladribine tablets 3.5mg/kg in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis stratified according to age above and below 45 years in the CLARITY study
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Effect of teriflunomide in subgroups defined by prior treatment: pooled analysis of the phase 3 TEMSO, TOWER, and TENERE studies
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Alemtuzumab differentially affects effector and regulatory immune cell subsets
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Patient and public involvement in a contemporary multiple sclerosis international trial: determining the effectiveness of early intensive versus escalation approaches for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (DELIVER-MS)
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Effect of MD1003 (high dose pharmaceutical grade biotin) in progressive MS: design and baseline data from the phase III SPI2 study
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Treatment of progressive MS with MD1003 (high dose pharmaceutical grade biotin): real-world evidence
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Effect of glatiramer acetate on cerebral grey matter pathology in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
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No clinical improvement in patients with low biotinidase activity levels in a cohort of progressive multiple sclerosis patients treated with high dose biotin
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Assessing the safety and effectiveness of rituximab in the treatment of multiple sclerosis
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High persistence rate and sustained efficacy of teriflunomide in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in real-world practice: a 3-year retrospective, multicenter study
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Alemtuzumab outcomes over 6 Years in RRMS patients who switched from SC IFNB-1a: follow-up of CARE-MS II patients (TOPAZ study)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Celia Oreja-Guevara, 229079
A Swedish nationwide pharmaco-epidemiological study of the long-term safety and effectiveness of alemtuzumab (IMSE 3)
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Incidence of pregnancy in women with multiple sclerosis treated with teriflunomide in France
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Safety and efficacy of delayed-release dimethyl fumarate in multiple sclerosis patients treated in routine medical practice: interim analysis of ESTEEM
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Incidence of PML in Finland in 2004-2014
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CD62L and JCV index for PML risk management in treated MS patients
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Resting-state functional connectivity increase after upper-limb task-oriented motor rehabilitation in progressive MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Giacomo Boffa, 229109
Effects of Kinect-based virtual reality exercises on balance and risk of falling in people with multiple sclerosis: a pilot double blinded randomized control trial
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Balance Right in Multiple Sclerosis (BRiMS): preliminary results of a randomised controlled feasibility trial
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Patient and caregiver involvement in formulation of guideline questions: findings from the EAN guideline on palliative care of people with severe multiple sclerosis
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Impact of shared decision making on improving patient-clinician interactions and ms quality measures: a pilot study
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Healthcare resource use and disease progression among commercially insured patients with multiple sclerosis: a comparison of continuous and intermittent users of disease modifying therapy over five years (2012-2016)
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Risk of falls and gait: effectiveness of a physiotherapy circuit training on the walk function, quality of life and risk of falls in a multiple sclerosis´ patients
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anabel Granja Domínguez, 229127
Comparing patient and healthcare professional perceptions on multiple sclerosis management and care - where do their priorities differ? Results from a qualitative survey
ECTRIMS Online Library, P Vermersch, 229128

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