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Multiple sclerosis and the limited association between EDSS and PDDS and the NeuroTrax assessment of cognitive disability
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Introducing Multiple Screening: a self-explanatory digital screening tool for cognitive deficits in MS
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Systematic multidimensional clinical point-of-care monitoring of people with multiple sclerosis using 3test
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Molecular mimicry as a potential trigger in post-vaccination MOG-seropositive NMOSD
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FoxA1 in synergy with IFNβ controls PDL1 expression in anti-inflammatory T cells via binding to a 60-nucleotide region in the Pdl1 promoter
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Sema4A expressed on hematopoietic cells determines interferon-beta response in Th17 autoimmunity
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Role of vitamin D in the expression of TGFβ signalling in patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
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Local GM demyelination and remote microstructural damage in connected WM tracts both contribute to cortical neurodegeneration in MS
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Imaging of the mechanisms of thalamic damage in pediatric multiple sclerosis
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Inflammatory demyelination in the cortex contributes to individual trajectory of disability worsening in MS
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Microstructural complexity of MS lesions revealed by orientation dispersion and multi-parametric MRI
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Default Network Index: a novel, clinically-informative marker of memory status in multiple sclerosis
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Microstructural damage to associative cortico-thalamic tracts play a role in the pathophysiology of fatigue in multiple sclerosis
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Optic neuritis induces longtime structural changes within the visual pathway compatible with anterograde trans-synaptic degeneration
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Loss of functional brain network hierarchy relates to cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis: a magnetoencephalography study
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Is the EDSS sensitive to SDMT change during relapse in MS: assessment of the CFS component score
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Strategic platform selection and validation of biomarker assays to measure serum neurofilament light and heavy chain in multiple sclerosis
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Growth-differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) is increased in serum of stable multiple sclerosis patients
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Intrathecal immunoglobulin M production is associated with future disease activity in early multiple sclerosis
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Modulation of default mode network connectivity occurs in MS patients starting fingolimod or natalizumab: a 2-year resting state functional connectivity study
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Blood glucose levels modulate dimethyl fumerate-associated neutropenia in MS patients
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Alemtuzumab differentially affects effector and regulatory immune cell subsets
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Patient and public involvement in a contemporary multiple sclerosis international trial: determining the effectiveness of early intensive versus escalation approaches for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (DELIVER-MS)
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Oral drugs versus interferon-beta or glatiramer acetate as first-line disease modifying therapy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
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Transcriptional modulation induced by fingolimod treatment in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients
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Effect of glatiramer acetate on cerebral grey matter pathology in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
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No clinical improvement in patients with low biotinidase activity levels in a cohort of progressive multiple sclerosis patients treated with high dose biotin
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Effect of fumarates on human iPSCs derived neural progenitor cells and human primary neurons
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P2X7: a target for neuroprotection and neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis
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Alemtuzumab outcomes over 6 Years in RRMS patients who switched from SC IFNB-1a: follow-up of CARE-MS II patients (TOPAZ study)
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A Swedish nationwide pharmaco-epidemiological study of the long-term safety and effectiveness of alemtuzumab (IMSE 3)
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Assessing the long-term impact of disease modifying therapies: preliminary results from the Comparing Australia and New Zealand MS Populations (COMPANZ) Study
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Safety and effectiveness of less frequent dosing of natalizumab in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) patients in a dedicated MS center in Greece - an eleven years experience
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Incidence of PML in Finland in 2004-2014
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CD62L and JCV index for PML risk management in treated MS patients
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Reduction of infusion related reactions during ocrelizumab infusions in a comprehensive multiple sclerosis Care Center
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Improvements across functional systems are maintained regardless of early vs late confirmed disability improvement: CARE-MS 6-year follow-up
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Effects of Kinect-based virtual reality exercises on balance and risk of falling in people with multiple sclerosis: a pilot double blinded randomized control trial
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Balance Right in Multiple Sclerosis (BRiMS): preliminary results of a randomised controlled feasibility trial
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Patient and caregiver involvement in formulation of guideline questions: findings from the EAN guideline on palliative care of people with severe multiple sclerosis
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Intensive exercising over four weeks improved subjective and objective sleep, depression and fatigue among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)
ECTRIMS Online Library, Dena Sadeghi Bahmani, 229113
“Keep going!” Symptoms of depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue and anxiety improved 12 weeks after exercising and active leisure time activity, but decreased further 16 weeks later - evidence for a continuous exercising program
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Healthcare resource use and disease progression among commercially insured patients with multiple sclerosis: a comparison of continuous and intermittent users of disease modifying therapy over five years (2012-2016)
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Risk of falls and gait: effectiveness of a physiotherapy circuit training on the walk function, quality of life and risk of falls in a multiple sclerosis´ patients
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Comparing patient and healthcare professional perceptions on multiple sclerosis management and care - where do their priorities differ? Results from a qualitative survey
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Core muscles' contraction and rest size and relationship with postural sway in fully ambulatory multiple sclerosis patients: an ultrasound imaging study
ECTRIMS Online Library, Yeliz Salcı, 229129
Quantitative neuroimaging in multiple sclerosis (MS): which biomarker is the most reliable in the evaluation of MS-induced atrophy?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Elefterios Makras, 229130

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