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Spinal cord lesions correlate with blood sNfL levels in multiple sclerosis
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Blood glucose levels modulate dimethyl fumerate-associated neutropenia in MS patients
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Oral drugs versus interferon-beta or glatiramer acetate as first-line disease modifying therapy in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
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Transcriptional modulation induced by fingolimod treatment in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients
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Lymphocyte changes induces by alemtuzumab in multiple sclerosis patients
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Low dose rituximab depletes B cells and lowers IgM in blood in MS patients: a study on possible biomarkers to predict treatment response and adverse event profile
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Effect of fumarates on human iPSCs derived neural progenitor cells and human primary neurons
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P2X7: a target for neuroprotection and neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis
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An integral measure of serial neurofilament light chain assessments in blood is a predictor of long-term disability progression in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
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A Swedish nationwide pharmaco-epidemiological study of the long-term safety and effectiveness of fingolimod (IMSE 2)
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Assessing the long-term impact of disease modifying therapies: preliminary results from the Comparing Australia and New Zealand MS Populations (COMPANZ) Study
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Safety and effectiveness of less frequent dosing of natalizumab in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) patients in a dedicated MS center in Greece - an eleven years experience
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False positive B viral hepatitis testing in MS patients receiving high dose of biotin
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Effect of extended dosing of natalizumab on VLA-4 saturation
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Reduction of infusion related reactions during ocrelizumab infusions in a comprehensive multiple sclerosis Care Center
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Improvements across functional systems are maintained regardless of early vs late confirmed disability improvement: CARE-MS 6-year follow-up
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Fluorine-19 magnetic resonance imaging as a method for the individualized theranostic of fluorine labelled drugs in neuroinflammation
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Dimethyl fumarate-induced lymphocyte drop at six months predicts short-term disease activity in multiple sclerosis: an independent, prospective, post-marketing evaluation
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Intensive exercising over four weeks improved subjective and objective sleep, depression and fatigue among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS)
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“Keep going!” Symptoms of depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue and anxiety improved 12 weeks after exercising and active leisure time activity, but decreased further 16 weeks later - evidence for a continuous exercising program
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Glatiramer acetate slows disability progression - final 10-year results from UK Risk Sharing Scheme
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Life-threatening vitamin D intoxication due to intake of ultra-high doses in multiple sclerosis: a case report
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Core muscles' contraction and rest size and relationship with postural sway in fully ambulatory multiple sclerosis patients: an ultrasound imaging study
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Quantitative neuroimaging in multiple sclerosis (MS): which biomarker is the most reliable in the evaluation of MS-induced atrophy?
ECTRIMS Online Library, Elefterios Makras, 229130

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