SARM1 deletion protects axons in a model of inflammatory demyelination
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k free light chains for multiple sclerosis diagnosis
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The German experience
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Learnings from MSBase
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Bridging the MS practice gap with innovative registry studies
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Welcome and objectives
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Oxcarbazepine as a neuroprotective agent in MS: a phase IIa trial (PROXIMUS)
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Non-invasive blood epigenetic biomarkers of CNS cell loss
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A large international aquaporin-4 antibody data set: combines individual factors to predict prognosis, identifies the risk of post-onset attack disability and calculates the power for future clinical trials
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Perivenous inflammatory demyelination with MOG-dominant myelin loss is a characteristic feature of MOG antibody-associated disease
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Real-world effectiveness of initial treatment with newer versus injectable disease-modifying therapies in pediatric multiple sclerosis in the US
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Ensuring an effective training to deal with mobility loss
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Epigenetics as a therapeutic/environmental mediator in MS
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Population-based head-to-head comparative studies of the epidemiology of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) in Europe
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Anti-AQP4 antibodies positive neuromyelitis optica syndrome in children : an European-Brazilian collaborative study
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Higher efficacy therapies appear to have a disproportionately larger effect in younger patients
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MOG-antibodies and multiple sclerosis in adults: a large multicentre cross-sectional study
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Diagnosing and treating gait problems using gait analysis
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Everything is possible: a memorial honoring a pioneer in pediatric multiple sclerosis
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Can we learn about MS brain from epigenetic changes?
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High levels of perivascular inflammation and active white matter lesions at time of death are associated with rapidly progressive multiple sclerosis
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A multiple sclerosis disease progression measure based on rate of cumulative disability
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A large case-control study on vaccination as risk factor of multiple sclerosis
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A novel home-based digital treatment to improve processing speed in people with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study
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Molecular signatures of different lesions types in the white matter of SPMS
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Remotely monitored ambulatory activity correlates with MS disability not only for ambulation but also for MRI atrophy metrics, cognition and quality of life: baseline analysis from the SPI2 clinical trial of MD1003 in progressive MS
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The iMSMS: a multi-city, household controlled, gut microbiome study in multiple sclerosis
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Study of mental rotation in a cohort of patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: case control study
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Interpretation of analytical/deductive statistics
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Vaccines and DMTs
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Inflammatory lesion activity in chronic progressive MS is related to the accumulation and infiltration of tissue resident memory T cells
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Advancing walking measurement in multiple sclerosis clinical trials: a new patient-reported outcome measure
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Serological response against HHV-6A is associated with increased risk for multiple sclerosis
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Cognitive rehabilitation in patients with advanced progressive multiple sclerosis: possible within limits?
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Long-term follow-up on clinical, radiographic and cognitive outcomes in pathologically confirmed CNS inflammatory demyelinating disease
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Multiple sclerosis performance test (MSPT): a demographically stratified normative database (N = 517) of healthy subjects ages 15-89 to aid clinical interpretation of MS patient neuroperformance
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MS risk loci are underrepresented in EBV induced DNA hypomethylation
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Memory improvement after a cognitive rehabilitation program in multiple sclerosis
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Vaccines and the risk of relapses
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Data analyses, interpretation, misinterpretation, and biases
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Potential biological mechanisms behind MS progression
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The role of EBV in MS immunology?
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Cognitive rehabilitation for attention and memory in multiple sclerosis: results of the CRAMMS trial
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Neuro-QoL in MS – tomorrow’s standard outcome?
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Multiple sclerosis pathogenesis: what are the missing pieces?
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Cognitive strategy training - a curse or blessing?
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Cognitive assessment in MS – rationale and tools
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Vaccines and the risk of MS
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How to assess and summarize study
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Preserving patient function
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The changing treatment paradigm
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Understanding MS disease progression
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Satellite Symposium 6: MS: time to shift our focus: Q&A and Close
ECTRIMS Online Library, Session Speakers, 281948
Satellite Symposium 7: Challenging our understanding of the MS spectrum: an expert panel discussion
ECTRIMS Online Library, Session Speakers, 281949
Satellite Symposium 6: MS: time to shift our focus: Welcome
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Rituximab is not a reasonable alternative in MS treatment
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Pathogenesis of human antibodies against MOG
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Case #2: When to stop in stop in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) patient
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Symptomatic pharmacotherapy and patient education strategies in progressive MS – an inventory
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PROMs in standardized MS care
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Neuromodulation: a potential approach to management of symptoms in MS
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The spectrum of demyelinating diseases in children
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PROMS: Supporting patient-centred care
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Rituximab is a reasonable alternative in MS treatment
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Main challenges in symptomatic MS treatment
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Rationale of B-cell therapy in MS
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New emerging treatments in NMOSD
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20 years of MSIS-29 – importance of an MS specific QoL scale
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Sustained reduction in confirmed disability progression in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis treated with ocrelizumab in the open-label extension period of the Phase III ORATORIO trial: 6.5-study year follow-up data
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Influence of ultraviolet radiation and diminished-function melanocortin 1 receptor variants on multiple sclerosis disease severity in two large multicenter cohort studies
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Introducing Machine Learning for full MS patient trajectories improves predictions for disability score progression
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Detection of subtle gait disturbance and future fall risk in early multiple sclerosis
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Siponimod delays the time to wheelchair in patients with SPMS: results from the EXPAND study
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Utilizing epigenetics to understand mechanisms underlying primary progressive multiple sclerosis
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The relationship of change in Neuro-QoL to change in neuroperformance tests and MRI
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Effects of PR-Fampridine on gait pattern and patient-reported outcomes: a cross-over, randomized, placebo-controlled trial
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Evolution of biological agents: how established drugs can become less safe
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Therapeutic complement inhibition in neuroinflammatory diseases
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Indications of neuroprotective effects in progressive multiple sclerosis following autologous mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) transplantation: report of a randomised phase IIb double blind trial
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RNA-sequencing of leukocortical lesions from multiple sclerosis patients reveals little overlap in gene expression between white and grey matter demyelination
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The progressive multiple sclerosis score: a prognostic assistant tool in multiple sclerosis disease
ECTRIMS Online Library, Anna Isabella Pisani, 279464
Virtual reality(VR)-based cognitive rehabilitation: cognitive games are complementary to physical training for an optimum rehabilitation strategy in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
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Defining the risk factors for the conversion to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: a retrospective cohort study of the Italian MS Register
ECTRIMS Online Library, Pietro Iaffaldano, 279454
Post-mortem multiple sclerosis lesion pathology is influenced by single nucleotide polymorphisms
ECTRIMS Online Library, Nina Louise Fransen, 279458
Functional and structural visual pathway assessment in CIS patients
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Multiple sessions of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with aerobic physical activity improves walking speed
ECTRIMS Online Library, Giuseppina Pilloni, 279468
Using registry data to investigate drug safety in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Melinda Magyari, 281845
Antibody-mediated pathogenesis in central and peripheral neuroinflammatory disorders
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jeffrey L. Bennett, 281847
How to design RCTs for SPMS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Jeremy Chataway, 279453
To design, implement and sustain big data collection in MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Helmut Butzkueven, 279462
Coping strategies when living with MS progression
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lauren B Strober, 279467
HLA variation and MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Lars Fugger, 281842
DMTs in progressive MS 2019 – what remains to be achieved
ECTRIMS Online Library, Xavier Montalban, 281840
In search of genetic regulation of progression and severity of MS
ECTRIMS Online Library, Ingrid Kockum, 281841

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